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Our boat rental company has come to be a leader in its field thanks to the experience gained over the years, the attitude to problem solving and customer orientation, which is for us the focus of our attention.

On the basis of the needs of our customers who make a boat rental, we develop projects, itineraries, trips, cruises and mini cruises.

Our fleet is managed by professional and certified staff that responds to the company policy based on safety for passengers, respect for nature and attention to customer needs.

The fleet is located in the port of the historic city of Naples, a strategic position to reach all the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean Sea.

Boat rental – On board safety and fun

We plan the activities before, during and after the navigation. We provide our customers with all the necessary information, from the selection of the most suitable boat, to the procedures to be carried out when returning to port, through the activities carried out on the boat during navigation.

As per company policy, our staff will always be at the side of customers for any need or request, without neglecting the safety and well-being of all.

And it is precisely the safety of the customer to be the first place in the scale of our priorities. Therefore, the knowledge of all the procedures, standards, rules to be maintained on board during navigation and in the moments of docking or stopping, are the basis of our training.

A training that, combined with the experience gained over the years, allows us to transmit the most important rules of conduct to our passengers with simplicity, so that they can be familiar with this world from the first moment.

It is for this reason that customers will be informed in detail about the rules of conduct to be adopted in order to enjoy the crossing in total safety.

It should be noted that the rules vary according to the type of boat. Therefore, if the client opts for an inflatable boat rental, he will receive all the information and rules related to that type of boat.

This is because, clearly, the safety procedures in an inflatable boat rental cannot be the same as in a yacht or sailing boat rental.

In the case of a sailing boat rental without skipper, there is no staff on board as the boat rental is made by an already experienced clientele. Our policy, however, provides that all the rules are still listed and specified, for greater safety, at the time of booking.

Otherwise, in the case of boat rental with skipper, all procedures will be indicated on board at the time of departure.

Informing and training the customer has allowed us, over the years, to safeguard the welfare of passengers by avoiding misbehavior and to demonstrate our professionalism in the observance of all rules.

A crossing with our fleet, however, is not only rules of behavior and risk forecasting but an experience that is worth living.


The boat rental represents a moment of discovery and wonder, the destinations chosen by our customers, with the collaboration and support of our staff, are always interesting.

The crossing, expertly performed by the staff on board, can offer unforgettable experiences. It is often possible to spot the large cetaceans that cross the seas along our coasts and that always catch the attention of adults and make the little ones happy.

A particularly exciting experience, especially for families, is represented by the crossing made with boat rental with skipper. Here, adults can relax completely and children can be captured by the wonders of navigation and the fascinating work of the staff on board.

The fun on board, therefore, is always assured, nothing is left to chance. The destination and the itinerary are clearly the priorities in the choice of a trip, but what leaves our customers even more satisfied are the activities carried out on board, organized in detail by our staff.

In fact, according to the client’s requests, meals can be included in the price. If the choice should fall on the yacht charter, for example, special menus can be chosen, even for a large number of people and, in the case of adult passengers, it is also possible to request alcohol.

With the security of being guided by an experienced staff, our customers can relax and enjoy an extraordinary sailing experience that will have all the air of a luxury vacation.

Our Fleet

Our company has a large fleet that embraces different types of boats, each with its own characteristics that make the crossing, or the vacation, an experience always different.

In particular we rent:

  • inflatables
  • yachts
  • sailing boats
  • boats with skipper
  • boats without license
  • catamarans
  • catamarans with skipper
  • motorboats
  • schooners

Sailing boats

Mira 40

Rizzardi 45 Incredible


As always our priority is the safety of our customers, therefore, the regular maintenance of the boats, obtained through periodic checks and tests of our fleet, is an essential element for us.

All checks, in fact, are carried out by specialized companies with whom we have a relationship of trust. Following the regulations in force, we have established a maintenance schedule, to ensure the full efficiency of the boats.

The maintenance of a boat, in fact, can be ordinary or extraordinary.
Ordinary maintenance is what we do annually or regularly on our boats at the end of the season or at the end of an outing or crossing.

The extraordinary maintenance is the one that involves an intervention of personnel additional to the regular checks or in cases of emergency, and occurs occasionally.

In fact, our policy of customer safety orientation ensures that any malfunction or deterioration of the boat is immediately detected during the regular checks.

The periodic maintenance we carry out also includes safety equipment such as rafts and life jackets, which are checked regularly and replaced when necessary, always in accordance with current regulations.


The destinations for a vacation of relaxation or fun are truly endless. Our Mediterranean is full of beautiful places to visit and reach them by sea, independently or with a skipper, makes everything more impressive.

The crossing, moreover, is among the most spectacular in the world because the Mediterranean Sea is populated by countless species to observe and has beautiful backdrops where it is wonderful to dive.

In addition, the port of Naples is geographically located in a point that allows you to quickly reach all destinations. Here we list some of the places that you can visit renting a boat departing from Naples.

  • Inflatable boats rental for Porto Santo Stefano
  • Rental of rubber dinghies for San Teodoro
  • Boat rental for Salento
  • Boat rental for Cyclades Islands
  • Boat rental for Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Boat rental for the Tremiti
  • Boat rental for Porto San Paolo
  • Boat rental for the Amalfi Coast
  • Boat rental for the Aeolian Islands
  • Boat rental for Golfo Aranci

This is only a short list, the places to visit offered by the Mediterranean are many and vary depending on the season and the needs of the customer. The places that have not been included here can be taken into consideration with the customer at the time of booking.

Our staff will be happy to recommend the most appropriate destination, thanks to their experience and taking into account various elements such as the season, winds, places to visit, customer requirements and budget.

Our experience has taught us that “vacation” can mean either an adventurous sailing trip with a party on board or a quiet weekend spent lulled by the waves. Our staff is already prepared for any kind of vacation planned by the customer and, always respecting the rules and safety, is ready to satisfy all his requests, whenever possible.

Booking and prices

Booking and prices

The cost of renting a boat can start from small amounts up to several thousand Euros. Everything is in the choice of the type of boat and the duration of the vacation.

The cost of renting a dinghy for a whole day can not be equal to that of a yacht rented for a week, with staff on board and with destination a distant location.

For this reason, the reservation with the relative prices and estimates can be made by contacting our staff. A sales representative will be happy to advise the customer on the best choice for his needs (price, duration, activities to be carried out on board, etc.).

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    Anti Covid regulations

    In this last period the pandemic has stopped our lives. The fear and the regulations to protect the population have meant that tourism and travel have decreased a lot, generating many difficulties in this sector that in Italy could give a lot.

    For this reason, our company is not stopping. In this type of almost selective vacation, it is difficult to come into contact with many people. If there are several people on board, they are usually a single family group or a group of relatives.

    In addition, the staff of the boats are periodically checked by means of antigenic tests.

    The rental of a boat can represent, therefore, the best solution even in times of pandemic.


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